Launched in Spring 2022, The Headwaters is brought to you by Columbia Basin Trust and produced by Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine

About the Show

A new podcast that showcases creative people, spectacular places, and unique issues from the Columbia River Basin.

The Headwaters is a collaboration between two unique entities in Canada’s Columbia River Basin: Columbia Basin Trust and Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine.

Since 1995, Columbia Basin Trust has been supporting the efforts of people in the Columbia Basin to create a legacy of social, economic and environmental well-being. We’re committed to sharing and celebrating the stories of the remarkable people and places in this region, and we’re excited to partner with the team at the award-winning Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine to help us do this.

For over two decades Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine (KMC) has been documenting and celebrating the stories of the Columbia Basin and the larger Kootenay region. KMC is highly respected publication known for its creativity and insightful editorial about people and how they interact with their landscapes, so, naturally, it seemed like a collaboration between the Trust and KMC would be an amazing experience.

Where To Listen

You can listen and find out more about the Headwaters podcast on this site’s Episodes Page or wherever you get your podcasts. Currently the show is available on Spotify and many other podcast- and audio-streaming platforms.

The Headwaters Team

Host & Executive Producer

Mitchell is the editor-in-chief and co-publisher of Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine. A fourth generation Kootenay resident, he’s been a writer, filmmaker, editor, and amateur stand-up comic for 25 years. In short, he’s medium old but can still be relatively cool when needed.

Tara Cunningham & Team KMC

The editorial heart of the much-loved Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine, Tara, Vince Hempsall and Peter Moynes help with our story lineups, scripts, and everything you see on our website. They are the story brains behind our story-rich podcast.

Our Reporters

The Many Hat Wearer

After moving to the Kootenays a dozen years ago, Lindsay is starting to consider herself a local. She is an active member of the Nelson arts community and comfortable wearing lots of hats: actor, dancer, director, voice actor, choreographer. But the best is her mom hat.

The Voice

Graham is a musician and narrator living in Nelson, British Columbia. For decades, he has rented his voice to the forces of both good and evil. He believes Columbia Basin Trust is positively good.

The Performer

Sydney is a mama, performer, producer, and the executive director of the Nelson & District Arts Council. She thrives when she creates opportunities for the community to connect, exemplified in the Nelson International Mural Festival, which she co-founded in 2018.

The Time Traveller

Greg is the senior reporter for the Kootenay region Vista Radio stations and an avid local historian who created the Kütne Reader blog. He is willing to test time-machine prototypes.

The Adventuring Pen Pusher

In addition to her role as a senior writer with Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine, Jayme writes adventure tales for National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, and Outside, among others. Her assignments take her all over the world, from Afghanistan to Iceland.

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Now in its 20th year of business, Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine is recognized as a leader in the outdoor publishing world. A chronicle for one of the most influential mountain regions in North America, KMC is the voice and readers choice for understanding the mountain culture that exists throughout the Kootenays and beyond.

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Columbia Basin Trust supports efforts by the people of the Basin to create a legacy of social, economic and environmental well-being and to achieve greater self-sufficiency for present and future generations.

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