Episode #10

The River


October 20, 2022

Episode Length:


Episode Guests:

Shelly Boyd – Sinixt Nation

Bonnie Harvey – Ktunaxa Nation

Dan Geissler – Senior Manager, Operations and Maintenance, Power Operations, Columbia Basin Trust

Christopher Swain – Long-distance swimmer who swam the length of the Columbia

Episode Overview

It’s the fourth largest waterway in North America and the inspiration for this podcast. The Columbia River has a long, storied, and tumultuous history. We dive into all aspects of the river, from a bizarre idea in the late 1800s to join the Columbia to the Kootenay River to the Indigenous Peoples and their powerful relationship to this waterway that dates back thousands of years. We talk about dams, how they work, and who runs them. We also interview a man who swam the entire 2,000 kilometres of the Columbia to bring awareness to how industry is polluting rivers and its impact on communities and the larger environment.

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