Episode #12

Talking Trees


May 18, 2023

Episode Length:


Episode Guests:

Dr. Rachel Holt – Principal of Veridian Ecological Consulting

Craig Pettitt – Founding director of the Valhalla Wilderness Society

Randy Moody – Founder of the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada

Terry Nelson – Author of “Big Trees of Inland Temperate Forest of British Columbia”

Episode Overview

In the Kootenays, we are blessed with an abundance of forests and a multitude of tree species, with some individual trees over a thousand years old. We revere these towering giants, we also depend on them as a resource. In this episode, we dive into the state of old growth with Craig Pettitt and Rachel Holt, two biologists who have dedicated their lives to helping preserve the ancients among us. Through another tree crusader, we learn about the fascinating Whitebark pine, which relies on a particular bird to germinate, and we travel to Fernie to meet the author of a big-tree guidebook.

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