Episode #17

Groovy Music


June 15, 2023

Episode Length:


Episode Guests:

Melody Diachun – Chair, Selkirk College School of the Arts

Sapphire Guthrie – Singer/Songwriter & Selkirk Student

Emily Millard – Selkirk College Voice & Songwriting Instructor

Michael Heiden – Luthier of mandolins, violins and guitars

Pauline Dawson – Luthier of violins and violas

Ryan Soltis – Luthier of cellos and violas

Paul Hinrichs – Executive Director, Kaslo Jazz Fest

Episode Overview

The Kootenays always produce amazing musical talent, and in this episode, we find out the story runs much deeper. We have an internationally recognized music school here in the Basin, where we’ll meet some talented musicians who’ve emerged from Selkirk College’s Contemporary Music and Technology program. We’ll also take a unique trip into the world of the Kootenay luthier, craftspeople who put many hours of talent and passion into making some of the world’s finest stringed instruments.

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